Cell communication and tissue organization in the wings of Drosophila

Suzanne Eaton joins CSBD

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics senior group leader Suzanne Eaton recently joined the research faculty of the CSBD. Suzanne, who is also a professor of Developmental Cell Biology of Invertebrates at the TU Dresden, is all for finding out what controls tissue size and shape. Her group is trying to understand how morphogens regulate patterns of cellular properties, and how tissue size and shape emerges from the collective interactions of these constituent cells.

Approaching the problem with cell biological, biochemical, biophysical, and quantitative imaging tools, Suzanne is a great addition to the center's faculty. She says “I’m very happy to join forces with my colleagues at the CSBD. They might have seen me around in the new building more often now, especially in the cafeteria."

We are very pleased to have you on board, welcome Suzanne!