Pushing the boundary of image analysis

Florian Jug starts new CSBD research group

From March 1st, Florian Jug will head a new theory group at the CSBD. The "Quantitative Bioimage Computation" group will push the boundary of what image analysis and machine learning can do for quantifying biological data. Many research projects in cell and developmental biology share the need for an effective quantification of tremendous amounts of biological (image-)data. Developing algorithms and computational solutions that make this possible lie right at the heart of Florian Jug's mission.

Florian Jug, born in Kärnten, Austria, studied Computer Science in Munich and then obtained his PhD in Computational Neuroscience in 2012 at the ETH Zurich. After a short postdoc at ETH Zurich he came to the MPI-CBG in Dresden, where he conducted a postdoc in the lab of Gene Myers.