"READing Color" with Christina Schubert

Exhibition opened bridging art and science

April 5, 2019 saw the opening of Christina Schubert’s exhibition “READing Color” at the CSBD. Christina is a Master Student Graduate from the School of Fine Arts Dresden (HfBK) and spent several months at the CSBD and the neigboring Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) interacting with our scientists (e.g. Myers, Hiller, Sbalzarini and Jug groups).

The young artist was also dipping into scientific techniques and approaches, such as genome sequencing and our state-of-the-art imaging technologies. Being fascinated by the application of computational tools to biological research her aim was to develop her own approach towards combining the scientific and artistic world. The vernissage was rounded up by some brand-new songs of Hallam (well-known to many in both institutes) and followed by lively discussions with the artist.

Christina’s artwork will be presented at the CSBD for the next three months. Many thanks to the Max Planck Society for supporting the art project!