Biopolis Dresden is a term coined in 2001 by the writer of an article published in “Nature”, in which the rapid development of Dresden into a life-science powerhouse has been notably commented. Today, Biopolis Dresden refers to the subset of DRESDEN-concept members that are performing research in the life sciences. Among other things, Biopolis Dresden runs a biological imaging platform, sharing state-of-the-art microscopes across institutions, and a daycare for pre-school children of scientists. The rich and clustered collection of life-science institutions in Dresden, primarily on the Johannstadt Campus where also CSBD is located, ranks Dresden among the best places in the world for research in the life sciences and biological sciences, with a strong branch in biological physics, computational biology, and systems biology.


DRESDEN-concept is a research alliance of the Technische Universität Dresden with the four major non-university research organizations – Max Planck, Helmholtz, Fraunhofer, and Leibniz – and the research-active museums in Dresden, linking 32 member organisations under a common organisational roof. Through DRESDEN-concept, the CSBD is part of a rich and dynamic family and has access to resources and public visibility beyond its own capacity. DRESDEN-concept is aimed at the development and use of synergies in research, resources, education, infrastructure, and administration. Partners coordinate strategies to support Dresden’s leading areas and identify new emerging scientific areas. The DRESDEN-concept alliance also works on a joint initiative to attract top talents and to encourage the best to come to Dresden.

DRESDEN-concept also caters to expatriate scientists in Dresden, for example with the Dresden Welcome Center. The Dresden Science Calendar is a central database of all seminars, talks, and presentations held at the member organizations and is open to all others. Further, DRESDEN-concept hosts the Dresden Genome Center, the Dresden Technology Portal where scientists can share equipment and research resources, the Dresden Innovation Center for Energy Efficiency, the Henry Arnold Summer Schools, and the BioPolis Dresden Imaging Platform for shared use of advanced biological imaging techniques. In addition, DRESDEN-concept organizes public science events, including Science Slams, arts-and-science exhibitions, or the Open Air Science Festival.